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Anon posted on the 9/04/2017 3:38:13 AM

I've been living in Dennistoun now for 12 years. Just about the time the Glasgow tenement committee was set up to sort out the 'rogue' factors. At that time my bills were about £150 a quarter. They've been steadily rising ever since. My last one was over £500.00. Has anyone else in Dennistoun noticed the rogue element in factoring surfacing again?

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#1 - Alan replied on the 9/04/2017 6:23:37 PM

What's your monthly fee meant to be? And what work have the factors said they have done? £500 a quarter is an absurd amount of money. Equates to £165ish a month.

This is precisely why we self factor.

#2 - curiouscat replied on the 10/04/2017 11:15:31 AM

£500?! That's absurd! Unless you are having major repairs done, how can they justify this bill? What's the breakdown like?

#3 - qfx replied on the 10/04/2017 11:20:15 AM

Its not just in Dennistoun, one friend had a bill of £20 for a noticeboard, by the time it was multiplied up across the other properties the cost was over a thousand pounds. Another friend in a modern block of flats tried to change factors, and the residents were hit with a total bill of over £200k for unpaid repairs! After a solicitor became involved it was reduced to a few thousand.

The only factor i have personal experience with is Milnbank, who have always been great. Self factoring is ok as long as everyone in the block takes part and there is an organise - can usually tell from the stair well which are factored and which are not.

Wouldn't expect to pay a tenement factor more than £50 per month, including buildings insurance.

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