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selling flat in Dennistoun

anon posted on the 18/05/2016 9:46:59 AM

hi, thinking of selling my flat in roslea. can anyone recommend a reasonable estate agent? are the flats still selling quite fast in this area? i see a lot of sold signs going up fast but worry people are not getting the full value?

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#1 - Alan replied on the 18/05/2016 9:56:01 AM

The majority of flats are going to closing dates therefore indicating huge interest. Set a price you want in your mind and stick to it as demand is still outweighing supply.

#2 - anon replied on the 18/05/2016 10:19:55 AM

great thanks! hoping to get it up by July time so fingers crossed

#3 - curiouscat replied on the 18/05/2016 12:34:14 PM

Countrywide work for us. they are very efficient and work hard for their fee. Highly recommend them.

#4 - ruthcy replied on the 18/05/2016 7:35:53 PM

We sold in 3 days with AB properties no closing date but to good an offer to refuse! We had a figure in mind and luckily got more than that.

#5 - anon_l replied on the 19/05/2016 12:48:26 AM

I'm on the look out for buyers somewhere just now and can't believe how quickly places are going! Good luck!

#6 - An replied on the 19/05/2016 1:33:06 PM

That should say on the look out for buying!

#7 - anon replied on the 19/05/2016 7:18:17 PM

this is heartening to hear, i am down on Garfield and thinking of selling too but wasnt sure I would get what I paid!

#8 - Alan replied on the 19/05/2016 7:53:52 PM

I think a lot of people have had enough of west end prices. A 2 bed flat here in walk in condition will probably cost anywhere from 100-120k. Similar in the west end? Add anywhere from 60-80,000 onto the price.

#9 - R replied on the 23/05/2016 1:46:40 PM

can anyone suggest who they have used to sell?

#10 - anon replied on the 23/05/2016 11:43:47 PM

Our house went to closing date after 7days on the market and we got over the home report price. Defo recommend countrywide. H

#11 - anon replied on the 24/05/2016 12:13:22 PM

do they take 1 % of the selling fee or an upfront fee?

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