old friend

jeanette posted on the 30/01/2020 12:36:14 PM

This is for Nancy. I've received a couple of emails with a name that is almost yours--but not quite, so I'm not sure if they're legitimate and I've deleted them. If they are genuinely from you could you include something about yourself and/or me that a scammer wouldn't know about and I'll get back to you.

#1 - Nancy replied on the 17/02/2020 1:21:50 AM

Hi Jeanette H...it's Nancy I've emailed a few times and it repeatedly said email address invalid..my last try I just asked are you receiving me...So I intended writing a letter to let you know my emails weren't getting through to you..If you email me,it might sort things out..I often don't use the O in my surname...( your dads name was Harry..) no worries its no scammer..

#2 - jeanette replied on the 19/02/2020 9:22:29 AM

Nancy, send me your email address.

#3 - Nancy replied on the 22/02/2020 1:20:12 PM

Emailed you again ,obviously you didn't receive it..I don't think Hotmail exists here anymore,it's changed to Outlook..also it's Microsoft I use Apple..( don't know if that makes a difference....so Try Nancyfriel123 @ gmail.com..

#4 - jeanette replied on the 3/03/2020 10:55:39 AM

Hello again Nancy. I sent you an email a week ago and it hasn't been returned so I assumed you'd got it. Someone must have got it if it wasn't you. Can you let me know?

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