Oarsome Project launched on the Clyde

Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club is making rowing more accessible to all communities in Glasgow with the purchase of a new club boat and oars.
Jun 10, 2010

Peter Curran - The Ancient Order of Moridura

Peter Curran is the author of "THE ANCIENT ORDER OF MORIDURA", a scientific thriller with a Scots hero and an American heroine.
Oct 13, 2009

Consumer Views of Factoring in Dennistoun

Scottish Consumer Council looks at consumer experiences of factoring services in the Dennistoun ward of Glasgow.
May 28, 2008

Grace Anne Williamson - Residential Care Worker of the Year

The award recognises her significant contribution in helping to set up, develop and run Scotland's only refuge for young runaways under 16.
Jan 30, 2008

International Rowing

Several Dennistoun based members of Clyde amateur rowing club competed in the recent Festival of rowing in the recently upgraded Cardiff bay.
Jun 2, 2007

Clubhouse Centenary and the Scottish Rowing Championships

Recently the Clydesdale Clubhouse celebrated 100 years of its existence and service to Clydesdale, and more newly, Clyde and Strathclyde University rowing clubs.
Jun 2, 2007

The Evolution of the Glasgow Tenement

Using Dennistoun as a case study, charting the evolution of tenement housing in Glasgow 1860 - 1914
Jun 2, 2007

Campbell Armstrong

Author Campbell Armstrong returns to a Glasgow that bore no relation to the one he remembered.
Jul 12, 2006

The Dennistoun Story

The Dennistoun Story, on the other hand, is mostly written in its street names. Find the origin of these names and you have the key to the Dennistoun Story.
Apr 19, 2006

Ian R Mitchell - Walking in Glasgow

Around Brigton Cross - Glasgow's Changing East-End
Jan 17, 2005

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