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William Miller

Cowe the Nettle Early.

AIR---"Whistle o'er the Lave o't."

Wandering through the woods in spring,
Thus a weel kent voice did sing,
"Wither'd age nae joys can bring,
I'll cowe the nettle early."
"Wha for walth wad ane that's auld
In their youthfu' arms enfauld?
O they're gruesome, rough, an' cauld.
I'll cowe the nettle early."

"When in love we're mim an' meek,
Unco shy an' laith to speak,
But the blush that tints our cheek,
Says cowe the nettle early."

Thus my lassie to hersel''
Liltin' made my bosom swell;
Rin an' ring the parish bell,
We'll cowe the nettle early.

I've been warm'd with ruddy wine---
Dreamt of calling riches mine,
There's a pleasure more divine,
I'll cowe the nettle early.

Jun 2, 2007

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