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Annfield Place Post Office and Ladbrokes on Duke S Started on 9/12/2018 by Ronald [483 views]

drygate free christmas dinners Started on 5/12/2018 by K [310 views]

Alexandra Park FLAG POLE height Started on 17/10/2018 by Captain Bryn Wayt with 3 replies [677 views]

Haghill primary Started on 13/11/2018 by Anon with 2 replies [502 views]

Settle an arguement - Tesco Parkhead Started on 18/11/2018 by Lynz with 2 replies [671 views]

Demolition/regeneration Millerston Street Started on 23/10/2017 by Anon_l with 3 replies [1645 views]

Ironmongors/cutting services Started on 18/11/2018 by Diydodie with 5 replies [369 views]

Woke up this morning Started on 19/11/2018 by Anon [549 views]

Replacement bathroom Started on 14/11/2018 by Craig with 1 reply [369 views]

Leaves in back court, Onslow Drive Started on 15/11/2018 by Ally Wallace with 1 reply [340 views]

Looking for handyman/ electrician Started on 13/11/2018 by Fab [318 views]

Christmas Dinner Started on 13/11/2018 by Risko [338 views]

Utilities Started on 31/10/2018 by Mort with 5 replies [480 views]

Looking for multiple tradesmen Started on 2/11/2018 by Autumn with 2 replies [389 views]

Tables at Golfhill Primary's Christmas Fair Started on 1/11/2018 by Ashley Smith Hammond [193 views]

roofer / stone renderer Started on 30/10/2018 by Jen with 2 replies [305 views]

Painter an Decorator Wanted Started on 28/10/2018 by Mr In need of a painter with 2 replies [351 views]

Halloween for wee ones Started on 30/10/2018 by Mort [283 views]

Lost Monkey Teddy Started on 28/10/2018 by Mort with 1 reply [249 views]

mural Started on 17/10/2018 by Wullie with 2 replies [555 views]

Running buddy / partner / club Started on 31/07/2018 by Kelly J E McFadden with 4 replies [692 views]

Free Scrap wood for bonfires Started on 15/10/2018 by Mary [674 views]

Park Run Started on 4/10/2018 by TM with 2 replies [416 views]

National 5 English Tutor Started on 11/10/2018 by J. McDowall [288 views]

Old Golfhill School site redevelopment Started on 15/03/2017 by Frank Plowright with 58 replies [2498 views]

Local Cleaner Started on 3/10/2018 by Risko [361 views]

British Cycling Let's Ride Pop Up Events Started on 28/09/2018 by William Hodgson with 1 reply [287 views]

Dennistoun war memorial parade Started on 25/09/2018 by Jim Watson [343 views]

Women of Haghill during WW1 Theatre Project Started on 24/09/2018 by Jack Dickson [268 views]

External Render work recommendations Started on 16/09/2018 by Liam with 4 replies [438 views]

Update on Dennistoun War Memorial Started on 3/07/2018 by Jim Watson with 3 replies [913 views]

Plans to build 6-storey block on Finlay Drive Started on 22/04/2018 by Neighbour with 47 replies [4034 views]

Cancer survivors art group Started on 6/09/2018 by fab with 2 replies [396 views]

big house in Ark lane Started on 9/09/2018 by Joe Mc Demott [493 views]

Factors Started on 29/08/2018 by Kelly McFadden with 2 replies [527 views]

Noise Proofing? Started on 13/08/2018 by QFX with 9 replies [1759 views]

Pet Sitting Started on 14/08/2018 by Risko with 4 replies [550 views]

WW1 Centenary Started on 30/08/2018 by Richard K. [395 views]

Black Rooster Started on 3/09/2017 by gg with 6 replies [1495 views]

Aircraft noise Started on 4/07/2018 by Dennis with 14 replies [1256 views]

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